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Manufacturing Facilities and Product Highlights

Having excellent assembling units, we at R K Traders have settled up everything in a complete proficient manner. We have huge work areas which are uniquely designed with all the latest advancements and facilities in the province of West Bengal. R K Traders have capabilities for delivering more than 1.5 million safety equipment clothing yearly utilizing the best craftsmanship and specialized textures. Our organization delivers more than 1 million sets of cowhide leather gloves and different types of dress materials. As we always use the best and premium raw material for the products, all are environment-friendly and 100% genuine. A protected, safe workspace is foremost in any business. However, we likewise accept that further developing laborer insurance, solace, strength, and efficiency are a more yearning objective. We offer you the instruments, backing, projects, and items to do achieve these objectives viably, effectively, and monetarily