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About Us

Vision and Mission :

R K Traders' vision is to turn into the most trusted safety equipment amongst other brands across the globe. We believe in cooperation, professionalism, responsibility, quality, respect, and reputation. We work with dedication to accomplishing our objective and developing extremely useful items by following the latest technology. As we never compromise with the quality factor, we are able to serve our partners with qualifying items. We continue our business by maintaining quality and imaginative personal protection equipment and supporting services, for making more secure working environments.


R. K Traders' prime goal is to make a world where individuals are allowed to work without hazard to their wellbeing. We want to become a pioneer in production and supply and a link between new advancements in wellbeing and ventures all around the globe. We think about innovative and unique designs to make brilliant and acceptable safety equipment for consumers. We want to be the smartest choice for industries to add genuine esteem and handle risk management better than any other place.